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Who We Are

Anping Shengxiang Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping Town, "the Hometown of Wire Mesh", also known as "the Production and Distribution Base of Wire Mesh".

Razor Mesh

The razor mesh is made out of the reinforced razor tape. It is a 2,000 mm high fence with rhombic meshes 450 mm high, 190 mm wide and their side 242 mm long. The rhombs are fastened at the vertexes with the same kind of clips as used for making the concertina security barrier.

The reinforced razor tape is used to make the concertina security barrier, razor wire flatwrap and razor mesh - all being highly traumatizing. The installation of security fences requires special skills and equipment, and, to prevent accidents and to get a good-quality, reliable and durable fencing, it should be carried out only by specially-trained professionals. Particular attention must be paid to the holding strength of the concertina fence, to the correct choice of brackets and anchors, and to the proper positioning of the construction to preserve its springing properties. Only if you have taken into consideration all these factors, the security of your perimeter can be guaranteed.