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Who We Are

Anping Shengxiang Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping Town, "the Hometown of Wire Mesh", also known as "the Production and Distribution Base of Wire Mesh".

Mobile Security Barrier

Mobile security barrier consists of three 10 or 20 m long ?áá-900 spirals packed in a container. The container is made out of 10 mm rod in the form of two baskets with locks and handles for transportation. The container ensures rapid deployment and recovering of the barrier as well as its safe hand-carrying, transportation, warehousing and storing. The deployment time is 1 min, the recovery time is 5-10 min. Mobile barriers can be successively connected.

Prizma mobile security barrier is used for the rapid deployment of effective barriers during police or any other special operations and for fast creating of fencing around facilities, requiring high security measures.

Materials used to produce Prizma mobile security barrier:
0.5-0.55 mm steel galvanized tape, GOST 1491880;
2.5 mm galvanized wire, GOST 7372-79;
Galvanized cold-rolled metal for clips;
10 mm steel rod for the supporting container